Social responsibility

Issues of social responsibility are fundamental for Ltd Zamchalovskaya Mine.

Aware of the complexity and laboriousness of the work of the miners, the company identifies these issues as its priorities, and the relatively small team makes it possible to approach each situation individually.

Employee success and safety

The company has developed a project to modernize production in order to prevent accidents and increase the level of safety at each individual workplace and at the enterprise as a whole. A comprehensive program was also developed to create the healthiest working conditions and improve hygiene in order to reduce the risk of occupational diseases.

Environmental safety

Achieving the highest possible level of environmental safety of a coal mining company is one of the key tasks of the technical team. A project on modernization of water treatment facilities and technical equipment at the mine and other facilities is under development. The company will also participate in the creation of a park and recreational site in the city of Gukovo.

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