In 1955, the year of its opening, Zamchalovskaya Mine produced 145 thousand tons of coal, and in 1956 already 253 thousand tons.

60 years of mining

From the first days

of the mine’s existence it had to face serious difficulties associated with the mining and geological conditions: at first the dip angle in the mine field was gentle, then it reached 45 degrees. The mine was built in record time - in just 1 year. In March 1955, Zamchalovskaya No. 2 began to produce coal - its annual design capacity was 150 thousand tons. Also in 1950s, three more mines were laid: Zamchalovskaya No. 1, Zverevskaya No. 1, and Zverevskaya No. 2, which were part of the Gukovugol Trust.


“Zamchalovskaya” continued to increase production during the 1970–1980s, and since 1990, construction of a new panel No. 4 began in the east of a flat mine field, where new equipment and coal mining technology were tested. In just 60 years (1955-2015), the mine’s work has raised more than 18.5 million tons of coal to the ground.

Last reconstruction

of Zamchalovskaya Mine was carried out in 2011. In 2012, the mine was acquired by Kingcoal LLC.

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